Working together to support our home: Delmarva.


To answer some of your more specific questions about SupportDelmarva.com and the interview process, we have compiled a list of frequently asked questions below.

  • I’ve never been interviewed before and am nervous, is this right for me?: Relax:  Our studio is very quiet and we have no live audience; the process could be likened to “having a relaxing conversation.”  It If there is a mistake made, we can simply stop and repeat the question/answer.  We will edit it later.  It really is a comfortable, peaceful, care-free environment.


  • What am I going to be asked?:  This is mostly up to you.  We want to represent your company/organization with the details you decide as most relevant.  Usually this entails a brief history of your organization, what services you provide, and specific items you offer that you want highlighted.


  • How long is the interview?:  About three to five minutes.  Online videos should get in, tell the information, and get back out quickly.  Most viewers will not sit through a 10-20 minute video.
  • Is it really free?:  Yes, we do not charge you anything.  We do ask that you post your video on your website and social media (which is the purpose of all this anyway), and that you do not unsubscribe from our future emails.


  • Are there any terms?:  You will be asked to sign a model release/terms and conditions document with all your contact information:  The main crux of this document allows us to videotape you and publicize your interview on our site.  It does not commit you to anything requiring money or a monetary subscription. IT REALLY IS FREE!

If you are interested in being interviewed about your local business or community organization, please contact us. Upon our invitation, we will send you a welcome packet.